Ana & AmyJo’s story

AmyJo was Ana’s coach. They were first introduced when Ana was a new manager navigating complex dynamics at her AdTech company. AmyJo and Ana immediately clicked, and beyond that, Ana saw the effectiveness of AmyJo’s expert coaching. Over the months, Ana witnessed the impact of how the skills she already had were not only affirmed, but also expanded and transformed. She saw the results through her own professional success and also through the success of her team metrics and revenue. Even after the coaching completed, Ana was more aware of what it meant to be an effective leader. When they re-connected over a year later, a professional partnership felt inevitable since Pavo had been scaling over time and both Ana and AmyJo wanted to build it out together even more. In July 2022, Ana signed on to work full-time for Pavo and lead business development, strategy and operations to bring the experience she had with AmyJo to more leaders and teams. Their mission is to effectively stop toxic spirals and to create safe, healthy environments where employees thrive, stay, and productivity and profit increase.

AmyJo & Pavo Story

Pavo Coaching & Consulting came about as a response to the realization that the world in which we live is formed by the energies of fear, lack, and separation (FLS).

AmyJo was one of those kids who knew this long before she had the language to express it or any capacity to address it. She spent her life seeking out avenues to make the difference she so deeply desired. Her professional resume reflects her attempt to find a way to tilt the scales toward a world where everyone could live without fear and had the ability to learn and grow.

She has worked in international development, government, higher education, and religion. Holding a position of leadership in each, AmyJo identified the repeating patterns that created unhealthy work environments that weren’t good for people or the goals of the business. What she realized was so simple, yet so mind-blowingly potent, and it was that the three energies (fear, lack, separation) have trained, taught and educated us in the ways of FLS. No wonder our workplaces are toxic! But they don’t have to be. We can choose. Love, Abundance, and Unity (LAU) are the antidote and the energies of transformation. Pavo Coaching & Consulting is the vehicle to bring it to all people and the places we work; doing business differently and making even more money than we have with FLS! 

Ana’s Story

Ana grew up knowing she lived in a bubble. It kinda bothered her and she decided that she wanted to get out of it.

When she did, mostly throughout rural areas of Latin America, she determined that she was not going to stay inside that bubble and instead set out to find her path to change the world. Then she went to work for an NGO, and another and another, hoping she would find one that was effective in carrying out their mission, with a culture that reflected their values. As that never happened, she was open to pivoting her career to a Spanish-speaking role in AdTech, where she thrived in terms of doing business, meeting goals and building out a region.

How the company did business was still not aligned with how Ana wanted to operate and she felt pulled again to do something to change the world. She began her job search never quite finding the opportunity that she wanted, until she met AmyJo and discovered Pavo. Working for a company that is intentionally built out of Love, Abundance and Unity (LAU), with the mission to transform the workplace and a culture that actually takes how they do business as seriously as what they produce, finally allowed a dream to become a reality.

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