Pavo Client

When I started working with Pavo, I was initially focused on tackling the day to day challenges of being a new manager of a large team and I immediately started to see improvements in my communication style, specifically with how I was able to give and receive feedback.  This also helped me become a better direct report and cross-functional peer on complex projects.  After 6 months of working with my coach on a bi-weekly basis, I’ve experienced large shifts in my perspective and approach which has really impacted who I am as a leader.  I’m more confident in my ability to set a clear vision and strategic goals for my team.  The benefits of this coaching has also translated to other areas of my life too and has honestly made me a happier person!  My coach continues to be extremely invested in my success and development, and in each session I receive practical tools that I can easily implement and detailed follow up notes that I regularly refer to.

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